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The People Behind the Properties

You may already be aware of our work with prospective tenants—but the Housing Center also works closely with property owners across Oak Park in our mission to promote and sustain a diverse and inclusive community.

“We really appreciate our relationship with the Housing Center,” says Jacqueline Arica of R K Management. “Their mission to promote diversity is a good business model for the community we work to create in our buildings.”

The Housing Center works with approximately 200 property owners each year. Each one is different and they range from large companies with hundreds of units to small mom-and-pops with just an apartment or two to rent. We also help owners of condos, townhomes, and single-family homes with rentals.

Norka Escobedo, whose properties include two buildings on Washington Boulevard, appreciates working with the Housing Center. “I support their mission of promoting diversity and appreciate their commitment to refer qualified applicants to me. It helps with our hands-on model of getting to know our tenants.”

Many owners say they value the marketing help that the Housing Center provides.

“The Housing Center helps put me on an even playing field with larger owners with bigger advertising budgets,” says Don Rutledge, owner of a building on Austin Boulevard. “Together, we demonstrate how attractive the northeast part of Oak Park can be.”

LaVerne Collins has also worked with the Housing Center for years. “We put a lot of work into our apartments and the Housing Center really helps us market them as great places to live.”

“We’re very lucky in Oak Park to have a large number of locally-based landlords who care deeply about the community and equal opportunity,” says Housing Center Executive Director Rob Breymaier. “Our success is due in part to the good people who own and maintain apartments in Oak Park.

“The work we do with landlords is something we don’t mention often enough,” he adds. “We’re grateful for such enthusiastic partners. I think we work so well together because we all believe that Oak Park is the best place to live.”