Admin Team

Athena Williams, Executive Director

Michael Stewart, Associate Director

Sarah Moloney, Associate Director

Deborah Williams, Program Director, HUD certified

Baxter Swilley, Public Relations Director

Lisa Zeigler, Strategic Initiatives Director

Monica Roberts-Wilkins, Finance Administrator

Shelia Norwood, Office Administrator

Steve Kidd, QA/QC Manager

Jacqueline Mota, Communications Coordinator


Program Support Team

Wilane Boone, Senior Counselor, HUD certified

Jerry Ehernberger, Senior Rental Advisor

Gretchen Worley, Residential Coordinator

Anita Bailey, Case Manager

Sharon Eckhoff, Intake Manager

Samantha Jordan, Intake Coordinator

Brooke Ingram, AmeriCorps VISTA, Data Collection

Sarah McNeill, AmeriCorps VISTA, Data Collection


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The Oak Park Regional
Housing Center is an equal opportunity employer. People of color, women, and
people with disabilities are encouraged to apply. See our current



Fabiola Candlish
Senior CRA Loan Officer, US Bank
Vice President/Treasurer:
Charlton Seward
Director of Lending, Southern Bancorp Community Partners
Acting Secretary:
Tracey Wik
Managing Director, TWiK & Associates
Abigail Ingram, J.D.
Director, Women in Entrepreneurship Institute Faculty, Driehaus College of Business DePaul University
Victoria Vann
Community Representative