Housing Center Suggests Improvements to Housing + Transportation Index to Better Promote Opportunity

The Center for Neighborhood Technology has been doing great work to promote an awareness of how housing and transportation are both important factors in determining the total cost of the neighborhood you choose. CNT’s H+T Affordability Index let’s movers and prospective home buyers find out the true cost of living in different parts of metropolitan areas. The Housing Center applauds this approach and provided comments on their most recent report, Safe Decent, and Affordable in order to ensure that H+T models also affirmatively further fair housing.

The general concern of the Housing Center is the unintended consequence of H+T to over-encourage the location of new affordable housing in racially concentrated areas of poverty (RCAPs) while ignoring high-opportunity communities with too little affordable housing options. We suggested that opportunity factors be included in the determination to expand the utility of the H+T Affordability Index to an H+T Opportunity Index.

The full report is available here.

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