Foreclosure Prevention Information

The foreclosure crisis has affected people of all incomes, education levels, and geographies. But, there is hope. Many homes can be saved from foreclosure.

We offer the following services for those individuals who have become late on their mortgages:

  • We assist with the loan modification process.
  • We negotiate with banks and lenders on behalf of clients.
  • We refer clients to agencies that might be able to assist with mortgage assistance.
  • We explain the foreclosure process to clients.
  • We explain the importance of contacting the lender and working out a solution.

We can develop customized spending plans that assist clients with their financial situations.

We have helped others avoid foreclosure!

Call the Homeownership Center today to save your home. The sooner you call, the better your chances.

The West Cook Homeownership Center has helped people who are delinquent on payments, in default, and in foreclosure. Call to see if we can help you.

Call (708) 771-5801.

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