The mission of the Oak Park Regional Housing Center is to achieve meaningful and lasting racial diversity throughout Oak Park and its surrounding communities. For over 40 years, our Rental Counseling Program has been working with property owners and managers to promote our vibrant and diverse community. As an apartment referral service we encourage our clients to explore and consider the full range of housing opportunities in Oak Park, especially those that contribute to racial integration and increased diversity.

On average, we provide information and referrals to 6000 apartment seekers a year. We have helped apartment seekers from every continent who are considering a move to Oak Park.

Customized Apartment Listings

Our intake form helps us asses the needs and desired amenities of our clients. We work with them to find a rental unit that fits both their budget and their desired amenities. Our Rental Housing Advisors meet one-on-one with apartment seekers to provide free customized apartment listings based on their housing needs. From vintage and modern apartments to townhomes and two-flats, we have a large selection of rental units for clients to consider. Although we don’t own or manage any apartments, we provide great insight into the neighborhoods and amenities found in Oak Park.

Promote Diversity and Integration

While Oak Park has a reputation for being open and inclusive, that does not guarantee diversity and integration. The Housing Center is the integration and anti-discrimination agent in the community. In order to build and sustain a diverse community, Oak Park must have a diverse demand for its housing stock. The Housing Center accomplishes this by 1) promoting the assets and desirability of Oak Park, 2) promoting the open and inclusive nature of the community, and 3) affirmatively marketing the community to ensure demand from all racial backgrounds.

Marketing/Technical Assistance

We provide assistance to building owners and managers to promote and market their units to attract a diverse demand for their buildings. In addition to providing owners with marketing resources, we can provide first-hand knowledge of the changing amenities apartment seekers are looking for in a home.

Fair Housing Education

We provide fair housing education to all of our clients, property owners and management companies. We believe strongly that a healthy, diverse community must constantly be aware and informed of fair housing rights. To continue Oak Park’s great tradition of being an integrated community, fair housing education is crucial.