Our programs provide direct services to expand housing options, combat segregation, and improve opportunity through reinvestment and empowerment.

The Housing Center model is based on being intentional and proactive. Housing Center interventions increase housing opportunities for under-represented races in communities that embrace diversity, building a community in which everyone is welcomed and valued. The impact of this strategy is seen in multiple ways, beginning with increased demand for housing which contributes to strong property values and sustained economic development. Our multi-faceted efforts include numerous programs that promote and sustain the community’s integration.

The free services provided by the Oak Park Regional Housing Center include:

There are two primary programs supported by the Housing Center.

The West Cook Homeownership Center provides homeowner and home buyer services including credit counseling, downpayment assistance and foreclosure prevention.

West Cook Homeownership

Our Live in Oak Park referral service provides rental assistance to those seeking a new place to live in the Oak Park area. We have numerous listings for apartments, from two-flats and vintage courtyard to mid-century modern buildings and new construction.